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Yers Keller 2017Photographer & Watercolorist Yers Keller divides into sheets his log books carried out during his innumerable beautiful escapes throughout the world. Destinations which make dream… Egypt, the Ivory Coast, Morocco, Samarkand, India, Chad, China, Paris, Bordeaux… The list is long. Memories of a some what animated rhythm of life.

Born in 1965 in Leipzig in ex-GDR, the teenager is filled with wonder in front of the notebooks “at Grognards” exposed in a small museum dedicated to the Great Battle at the Nations when Napoleon and his troops raked the campaigns of Saxony. It was in 1813. Pencil strokes in the middle of the atrocious confrontations question the young man. To testify, to remember, leave traces. No matter the cost. His inclination for Art makes him travel through books illustrated by masterpieces whose majority have quite remote addresses: the Louvre, Tate Gallery, Prado, Guggenheim, the MOMA. Inaccessible…

The mode of East Germany prohibits displacements, especially towards the West. Partitioned, Yers tries to cross the wall. In vain. He’s only 18 years old when the Stasi imprisons him. In 1986, three years before the fall of the wall one expels him towards the West Germany. Its destiny pushes it for acommitment in the French Foreign Legion. It is France, the world, the adventure. Yers will remain seven years before he leaves for Asia. Bag-with-back, armed with pencils and films Yers will start a gigantic loop, binding Paris and Beijing. Duration of the travel: one year.

Of return, Yers settles in Paris. At two subway stations of the Louvre. He will know it like his pockets, surfing between the paintings of Delacroix, the Greek statues, the rooms dedicated to the Italian Renaissance.

In 1997, the scenario writer and lecturer Maximilien Dauber embark him for a forwarding in Ennedi inChad, accompanied by the famous naturalist Théodore Monod. For Yers, Chad is not anunknown ground since it was 10 years before as a legionary. Except that there, the adventure is not the same one. To accompany by the scientists in landscapes to cut the breath, surveying gueltas and another oasis likes more than magical. He draws, photography, note.

Photographer & Watercolorist Yers Keller discovers Egypt and its amazing past. Maximilien Dauber carries out a new documentary, putting in scene a character “painter traveller”, mid-Denon mid-Roberts, drawing, indexing, noting, thousand and one things during these explorations become legendary. Cairo, Alexandrine, Louxor, Abu-Simbel. Placed between the banks of the Nile and the temple of Médinet Habou, the team of turning gets drunk almost biblical landscapes which the Western bank of Louxor represents.It is the blow to give. The valley of the Kings, Ramses as far as the eye can see, the temple of Hatchepsout, falls it from Sethi the first inaccessible to the general public, the frescos dazzling with the honor of the late Pharaons until the faithful murmur of request on Allah to the sunset supplements this table of a universe suspends some. Its travel will leave some log books published at the editions ASA Paris and A. Barthélemy Avignon.

Today, Yers evolves in another field: that of the creation of websites under the label WEBECCO. Person receiving benefits for the companies from the Touraine like the Bulle Verte, Action Maison, EFA Controls, Rotowash, Alphatest, Dorêva Spa, Infrastructures Concept and so on, Yers Keller accompanies his customers in the development by the sectors marketing and communication.

Baiting itself on a kind of “handiness of the pixel”, an unsuspected pallet between creativity and technicality offer a multiplicity of approach to him to make speak its undeniable tastes for the infographism, the page layout, the fitting of the colors.

Definitely, at Yers the spirit of the travel diary is never very far, while waiting for the following page…

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